Welcome to the world of Henry Cats & Friends™ (HCF) created by ingenious Taiwanese artist Henry Lee. By originating the whimsical hand-painted Artstone animals and beautiful artworks, Henry has established a symbolic world of adorable animal friends that live together harmoniously.

Henry Cats & Friends™ is a Taiwanese gift brand infusing ART and LOVE into life! Each beautiful artwork and each whimsical character creation is originated with story-based feature and detailed artistic touch, which are carefully and creatively designed into lovely and functional gifts for you and for someone you care!


Featured – Henry Lee 李鴻祥

Born and grew up in the picturesque village in Southern of Taiwan, Henry Lee was long cultivated by the pristine and humane culture of the countryside. With oceanic imagination and enthusiastic affection toward art, he has been fond of sketching, drawing and painting ever since childhood. After graduated from an art vocational school, Henry entered into an internationally known animation company Wang Film Productions and started his career in cartoon background(BG) designing. Throughout the next 2.0 years, he became the chief director of BG designing and participated in the making of several classic Walt Disney cartoon, such as “Aladdin,” “The It and “The little Mermaid.”

The turning point of Henry’s career arrived in soon, when he serendipitously created a new form of art—the hand-painted cats on stones. Incidentally, he then stumbled into a brand-new art-creating journey. By 2003, Henry decided to call a stop to cartoon BG designing and started to focus on his innovative creation of Artstone™. He set up a Mediterranean-style studio “Henry House” in the hilltop village Jioufen in northeastern Taiwan. Since then, Henry’s one-of-a-kind hand-painted stone cats have made quite a sensation among the cat-lovers and collectors nationwide. With a view to take one step forward to expand the creativity, Henry House joint venture with Mentor International Corporation, an experienced trading company providing full-packaged OEM service for leading US gift and collectable markets over 25 years. Together, the two established a professional designing company “Henry Design & Associates” in July 2005 and bring forth the new brand “Henry Cats and friends™” , turning Henry’s unique art creation into extensive range of products including collectibles, gifts and premium, stationery, and houseware. Henry’s dream is to embellish your life by paying his extraordinary artistic touch forward to you wherever you are!


Brand Concept

The True, The Kind, The Beautiful

“Animal are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.”

Over the years, Henry has created hundreds of Artstone™ cats and his menagerie has expanded to include dogs, owls, pandas as well as many other animals. Henry’s hand-painted Artstones™ are all endowed with his characteristics, enthusiasm and imagination; therefore, every single piece is one-of-a-kind. By putting his spirit and heart into the art pieces, Henry wishes to encourage all of us, through his unique insight and artist, to appreciate and cherish our most intimate neighbors on the planet—the lovely animals!



The True

Unveiling the most Innocent nature of adorable animals, the unique hand-painted Artstone™ is created with original stones—nature’s most refined work burnished after tens of thousands of years.


The Kind

The serendipitous art creation stetted with a simple goodwill of making a special gift for a special friend, expressing artist’s principle belief that “the purpose of a wt.-creating is share.”


The Beautiful

The unprecedented hand-painted masterpiece is a perfect blend of aesthetic creativity and versed handicraft technique. All the artworks inherit the artist’s oceanic imagination and deepest emotion which brings out the beauty of liveliness from the original stones.


Henry Cats & Friends- The Birth of Bella